Pedal into Spring 2018

Pedal into Spring is the opening extravaganza of this year's Biketober.

Saturday 6 October

Rauora Park, Christchurch central city

12.30 - 4.30pm

Explore and enjoy central Christchurch on your bike, with twelve themed routes (either guided or self-guided) to choose from. You might be inclined to complete two!


Ride with a friend, bring the family, or make new friends on the day.

Which route description spins your wheels?

Count the Cafés

Compete for prizes by finding as many cafes within the four avenues as you can. There is no set route, just grab an entry form from the Pedal into Spring kiosk, and list all the cafes you find. Post an Instagram photo of your favourite café (#pedalintospringcafe) – the café with the most pics will get some Biketober Christchurch love. Oh, and remember to take your Biketober Passport and collect stamps along the way!

Pedal to Shopping

Christchurch has an amazing number of small retail stores in the central city – discover some new ones on this route! Grab a map from the Pedal into Spring kiosk, then experience how easy and convenient it is to stop off and explore the stores by bike. There are plenty of bike-parks along the way. Take your Biketober Passport – there are about 18 Passport Destinations on (or near) this route. Given you only need 20 stamps to enter the Passport draw, that’s a great start!
Click here to fly over the route.

Cycleway Challenge

Want a challenge? Can you follow directions? For this activity you download an app, select a route, grab a map and directions from the Pedal into Spring kiosk, and you’re off – obeying the road rules, of course. Choose a 16km or 26km route. There are specific photos to take on the way. There’s a time limit. In fact, we know how long this challenge should (safely) take, so there are points deducted if you complete it too quickly!
Click here to fly over the 14km route.
Click here to fly over the 26km route.

Little Wheels - Big Fun

Perfect for little ones on their bikes and scooters. A short and simple route past fun things in the central city. Pick up the kid-friendly map from the Pedal into Spring kiosk and take your time. Even if you don’t make it to every attraction, the children are sure to have enjoyed themselves.

Our Earthquake Heritage

This self-guided tour takes in buildings that were impacted by the 2010/11 earthquakes. Grab a map and information sheet from the Pedal into Spring kiosk. Will you start your journey at the Arts Centre, or another spot along the way? With so much history to explore this route can take up to 2 hours to complete, especially since you’ll also pass lots of Passport Destinations – collect those stamps!
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Pedal to Parks, Squares and Gardens

A leisurely route around spring-time Hagley Park and the city’s historic squares. Take your time, enjoy the blossoms, pause for a coffee. Collect your map and information sheet from the Pedal into Spring kiosk. Check your Biketober Passport for tantalising refreshment establishments.
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Art in Fresh Air

Christchurch is famous for its wonderful street art, so this is an opportunity to bike around and witness some of the best examples. With all the construction happening in Christchurch some of the artwork may not be visible next year, so bring your camera! The route map and information you need will be at the Pedal into Spring kiosk.

Gap Filler Connect

Gap Filler projects. You will have heard of them, you may have even seen some of them – this self-guided tour takes you to a whole bunch of them! From Super Street Arcade to Dance-o-Mat, which will be your favourite? Start at the Pedal into Spring kiosk to pick up the route map.
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Arts and Culture

So much is happening in our central city, and many developments are cementing Christchurch’s reputation as a go-to destination for entertainment, culture, and arts. Hop on your bike and self-guide yourself around our many galleries and theatres – you’ll need to collect a map and guide from the Pedal into Spring kiosk. And remember to take your Biketober Passport. 
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The Great Family Treasure Hunt

Ahoy, m’ hearties! Will X mark the spot of bountiful treasure in this rollicking adventure? For who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ treasure hunt? Especially when it’s on a bike, through our beautiful central city and surrounds? Pilfer your map from the Pedal into Spring kiosk and set sail. Don’t tell the Captain, but there just might be prizes for the smaller pirates…
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Ōtautahi: Our City

Learn the pre-European history of Christchurch. Discover what the city’s Māori artwork and design, especially that incorporated into the rebuild, represents. This will be a guided tour led by a local kaumatua (Māori elder). Numbers are limited, so bookings are required – more details available soon.

Pedal the River

Meander the banks of the Avon River on this recently completed trail, a mix of shingle and closed roads. A self-guided route, it stretches from the city centre all the way to New Brighton! Ride as far as you like, as fast as you like. The map and directions from the Pedal into Spring kiosk will also point out the Biketober Passport Destinations you’ll pass – so handy!
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Pedal into Spring details

Get your Biketober Passport

All month - visit participating retailers and be in to win prizes!


Saturday 6 October 2018


Rauora Park, Christchurch Central City

Gather at the south-east corner of Manchester and Armagh Streets, opposite The Margaret Mahy Family Playground. Look for the big bike sign on Huanui Lane, near the basketball hoop.


12.30 – 4.30pm

Begin your choice of themed ride at any time from 12.30pm. Most rides will take 1.5 – 2 hours to complete, so if you wish to ride more than one route you should aim to arrive early.           

What to wear

Urban biking is about style as well as transport, so dress to feel good on your bike. Random spot prizes may be given to riders and bikes who ‘look good’ together. Maybe dress to a theme, or decorate your bike? Be creative!


A go/no-go decision will be made before 6.00pm Friday 5 October, and posted on the Biketober Christchurch Facebook page:

If postponed, Pedal into Spring will then be held on Sunday 7 October, same time and details.


There is plenty of on-street parking a short ride away in all directions. Plus, there are two car parks close by: the CCC New Regent Street Car Park (corner Manchester & Gloucester Streets), and a Wilsons park further south on Manchester Street. Of course, you can always bike in, or pop your cycle on a bus.


The Margaret Mahy Family Playground cafes have ice-cream, coffee, and snacks. The eateries on New Regent Street are only a short distance away.


Public toilets are located in The Margaret Mahy Family Playground.

Health and Safety

You are responsible for your own safety.

Road rules must be followed at all times.

Helmets must be worn.

Pedestrians have priority on shared paths, so please be courteous.

Whilst the roads, paths, parks, and shared cycling areas have improved greatly in Christchurch recently, please take care when riding your bike, particularly:

  • if you have children.

  • if you are unfamiliar with the road layout.

  • if you are not a fully confident cyclist.

  • when you approach tram tracks.

The most bike-friendly routes possible have been selected for this event, but if you have questions or concerns about safety, please ask a Spokes Biketober volunteer to help you choose a route that will suit you best. Only some of the routes on offer will have volunteer guides, who are experienced bike riders, but they are unable to take full responsibility for the safety of participants.