Biketober NZ

Pedal to Prayer

Date: Friday 12 October - Sunday 14 October
Time: All day
Venue: Your place of worship
Suitability: Everyone
Cost: Free 
What to bring: That depends on the plan you devise.
Cancellations: Again, this depends on your plan.

The Pedal to Prayer weekend is a great chance for your religious community to enjoy travelling to worship by bike.

Display the A4 publicity poster (see below) on your place of worship’s noticeboard, and add 12-14 October to your calendar.


Offer to help any members who are nervous about cycling or in need of a bike or a helmet.


Perhaps use the weekend to centre your worship on caring for our planet and each other? Here are some cycling prayers which may prove inspirational.


Be creative! Last year, Bishop Victoria blessed the bicycles at St Aidan’s Anglican Church. Could Pedal to Prayer be the impetus for installing bike racks at your venue? Maybe your worship leader would benefit from having an electric bike? Are there needy in your community who would appreciate a refurbished bike?


However you decide to put Pedal to Prayer into action, please do take photographs and share them.


Bishop Victoria blessing the bicycles.

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